Worship at First Presbyterian

Until further notice all in-person worship services have been CANCELLED due to the Covid virus.

A virtual service will be available for viewing on Facebook and YouTube in the afternoon on Sunday.

If you have any questions please contact the church office at 757-722-0006

Sunday Services


Cancelled -Casual Worship Service – 9:30am

Our 9:30 am service is led by a team of singers and instrumentalists, embracing a modern worship music style. This service is held in our Fellowship Hall (up the stairs, to the right). Coffee and donuts are available before and during the service.


Cancelled -Traditional Worship Service – 11:00am

Our 11:00 am service is led worship leaders and our chancel choir in a variety of musical styles, both historical and contemporary, and accompanied by organ and piano. The service is held in our Sanctuary.

Occasionally a single 10:00 am blended service is planned. Please check the calendar link located at the top of the page to check the service times for each week.

Communion & Baptism

The Lord's Supper is celebrated the first Sunday of the month and on special occassions. All who proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ are welcome to participate. Children, as guided by parents, are welcome to attend for this is indeed the joyous feast of the people of God! 


The sacrament of baptism is the sign and seal of the covenant God has made with us in Jesus Christ. Our Christian identity begins in baptism, and in this sacrament we are marked forever as Christ's own. Baptism assures us of our cleansing from sin and of our welcome into the household of God. We gladly celebrate baptism of infants, youth and adults in our worship services.



When two people are joined in marriage, they not only pledge faith to one another, they also enter into a covenant with God.


Therefore, we believe a wedding ceremony is a celebration of worship. We also believe marriage is a serious commitment that should be entered into prayerfully.


Please contact the church office (757-722-0006) with any questions and to have a copy of our wedding guidelines sent to you.






As the church embraces us in baptism and throughout our Christian life, so it stands ready to embrace us in death and comfort us with an assurance of eternity.


Our pastor and staff are available to guide you and answer questions you have in planning for a memorial/funeral service.